I'm Fatima Dias

I am Fatima Dias creator of Fit by Fatima. I am a certified Personal Trainer, Zumba Fitness Instructor and Accountability Instructor. I believe in working the body as a whole, Mind, Soul and Body.

My passion is to help and support women in their journey to an Active and Healthy Lifestyle, not just through Zumba and Work outs but also with Accountability support, nutritional guidance and more. 

My first step into the Fitness industry was as a Zumba Fitness Instructor, getting my certification in January of 2018. I felt Zumba was a great work out, a way to de-stress and have fun while burning some extra calories; I was a student for almost 7 years before I become and instructor.

I taught my first Zumba class in April 2018; I still remember that first day… being on stage with all eyes on me, was super scary but at the same time felt so right. Since then, I have not only been doing weekly classes, but also been part of special events. I like to support my community in every way I can; I have participated in Fundraiser for various foundations, children’s events and also some corporate classes.

As the time went by, I loved being a Zumba Instructor and feel more in love with the Fitness industry. I was happy with the work so far but I wanted to bring more to my students and grow to others variants. This led me into Personal Training.

I graduated from Healthy and Fitness Course at Brian College with honours, in January 2020. This gave me the right knowledge to write my exam and get my Personal Trainer Certification by NASM (National Academy of Sports and Medicine) June 2020.

During my college year I gained some practical experience, in school and through training friends and family. By the time I was fully certified I had already quite a few hours of practical experience with women of various ages and different goals.

Now in January 2021 I am bringing in a new tool, to help even more people reaching their goals and feeling their best – through Accountability Guidance.

Here I will be offering online sessions where me and the client will work together on goal setting, planning, organizing schedule, nutrition and more; My final goal is to help/support, as many people as I can, to find the best version of themselves.

Stay Active – Love Yourself – Smile Everyday